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Pablo Neruda

Literary Criticism

Pablo Neruda has been constantly compared to Whitman, especially after the publication of Canto General. A writer of the newpaper Times in London once said: "Seņor Neruda's hoarse and strident tones are not hard to imitate. But it is difficult to imagine what purpose such concentrated shrillness and indignation serve, or to whom exactly such a book can be recommended; certainly were ‘the rail splitter’ -Lincoln-to awake, he would make very little of this new Whitman".
Clearly Neruda has been considered to be the new Chilean Whitman. After listening Neruda recite his poem Que despierte el leņador, the Italian periodist Ramuccio B. Bandinelli wrote: "Neruda is today the only author, whose name can be placed next to Whitman's. He has learned to love the American continent passionately, the way Whitman did."