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Pablo Neruda

Literary Influences

Throughout his carreer, Neruda met several individuals who influenced and supported his poetry. During his childhood, Neruda attended a school in Temuco and met Gabriela Mistral, the principal of the Girls' school. Mistral was a well-respected poet, in Chile and throughout the world. She later received the Noble Prize in Literature. It was she who encouraged Pablo Neruda to pursue his fascination with poetry. She was one of the first ones to notice that Neruda had a great passion towards literature.

Years later, in 1933, Neruda met Federico Garcia Lorca. Garcia Lorca was a Spanish writer who happened to be introduced to Neruda while he was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Garcia Lorca and Neruda became good friends. Garcia Lorca introduced Neruda to some influential Communists. He was one of the great writers who supported Neruda and his poetry.

Neruda was interested in both national and international aspects of literature.  He translated foreign works by many older authors including William Blake and William Shakespeare, but he also closely read Spanish language poets like Garcia Lorca, Jorge Luis Borjes, and Miguel de Cervantes.

Neruda credited Walt Whitman his success in his carreer. Neruda saw Whitman as his greatest and deepest inspiration. Neruda had a great admiration towards this American poet.