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Pablo Neruda


Neruda’s changing moods from high to low clearly affect his poetry. As many  other authors, his own experiences are what gave him the inspiration to write. When he was inspired he wrote primarily about romance, and his thoughts about love. Neruda was an extremely passionate man. He used to think that his third wife was his constant inspiration. Even though Neruda went through hard times with his illness, he lived happily in Chile, a country which also can be recognized as being a powerful contributor to his poetry.  Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair (1924) and 100 Love Sonnets (1960) are the perfect examples to show how grateful Neruda was for being alive and for having the opportunity to love.


Even though Neruda was a happy poet, from time to time he used to let his imagination fly and explored the dark sides of the world. Due to the situation in Latin America and all the pressure he had on, Neruda often went through times of extreme depression. These periods of depression normally overwhelmed him while he was in Asia or Europe. His political position obligated him to give up many things; his friends, his country, etc. and also made him a person who would often feel lonely.