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Pablo Neruda

Types of Poetry

Pablo Neruda’s poetry can be classified as being rich and varied. Neruda has focused his poetry in four different directions which are his love poetry, such as the youthful Twenty Love Poems and Los versos del Capitán (1952; The Captain's Verses), his "material" poetry, such as Residencia en la tierra, his epic poetry is best represented by Canto general, and finally there is Neruda's common poetry.  


His love poetry can be described as being tender, melancholy, sensuous, and passionate, while his material poetry clearly talks about loneliness and depression, showing that the author is coming out of a word of darkness and unknown forces. With his epic poetry Neruda attempts to reinterpret the past and present of many Latin American countries. With this types of poems his shows that struggle that the individual of these countries had to go through in order to find their freedom. In his common poetry Neruda expresses his feelings and narrates about common events that take place on daily basis. He describes objects, animals, and plants.


These four trends correspond to four aspects of Neruda's personality: his passionate love life; the nightmares and depression he experienced while serving as a consul in Asia; his commitment to a political cause; and his ever-present attention to details of daily life, his love of things made or grown by human hands. Many of his other books, such as Libro de las preguntas (1974; "Book of Questions"), reflect philosophical and whimsical questions about the present and future of humanity. Neruda was one of the most original and prolific poets to write in Spanish in the 20th century, but, despite the variety of his output as a whole, each of his books has unity of style and purpose.